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(Solved/Workaround) What am I doing wrong? (Slideshow/ Slick Carousel)

So I have a RepeatingGroup showing a list of ‘Suggestion Cards’.

When a ‘Suggestion Card’ is clicked it hides the RepeatingGroup and displays a ‘Card’ with the information of the clicked suggestion (Images, Name, Description of place).

When I click a ‘Suggestion card’ it displays the info correctly (Images, Name, and Description of the selected suggestion). Then, when i go back and click on a different ‘Suggestion’ the info that is displayed is almost all correct (Name, Description) except the images. Instead of displaying the current suggestions images it displays the images of the suggestion that was clicked first.

What could I be doing wrong? Or could it possibly be a bug?

Here is a link to the dashboard where i created the test app.


Here is a link to a preview of the app in action

Thank you for your time. - Eduardo.

Hey Eduardo :slight_smile: I saw this recently too. For some reason, when you use “Parent Group’s Image #1” “Parent Group’s Image #2” “Parent Group’s Image #3” for the images in the carousel, it will not update when the parent group data source is changed. However, if you change the data structure so that the images on the Suggestion data type are a list of images (instead of 3 separate fields), it will work if you adjust the slideshow image settings to display a dynamic list. I created a new data type (suggestion2)/page in the forum app with your app’s setup using the dynamic list of images:



Wow @fayewatson you are the best :pray:.

I really really appreciate you taking the time to help out.

I have yet to put into practice creating a list of something, but now I will have too. :nerd:

Thank you again @fayewatson. :vulcan:


Aw, no problem at all :smiley: Creating a list is a very similar process to adding an image to a single image field. For example, when making changes to the Parent Group’s Suggestion, the workflow for the Images list field will be “Images add Picture Input’s value”, instead of “Image 1 = Picture Input’s value”. Let me know if you have any questions!

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:thumbsup: It took me a while (longer than i liked to admit) to figure out how to make a list of things (wanted to try, before I asked).

But, I finally got it. :punch:

Thank you very much @fayewatson. I now have a solution to my problem and thanks to you I was guided to a new (easier) way of storing and displaying images.

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