Implementing Autoflow Logic into repeating groups

Hi, I’m building an app that formats lots of different data into proposals for my clients. The proposal information appears formatted on my bubble page which then gets exported to a pdf for print. I’ve been getting the formatting figured out but there is one problem that I’ve been unable to solve. I have a bunch of small sections (image+ Title+ body) that I need to fit multiples on one pdf page. Now I need to make the distinction between “pdf page” and bubble page: “Pdf page” is just a group that has the parameters set so that when the pdf snapshots, it divides into a standard format page. So I am trying to find a way to write some logic somehow that detects when content exceeds a certain height in a group (PDF page 1) and moves it to the next group (PDF page 2).
see video for further demo:

Thank you for posting a video and clarify exactly what you need.
I dont know how familiar you are with embed html/javascript but this might do the trick. Unfortnly i cant help you furhter without this been a payd job.

Thanks for the offer, but I’d prefer to understand the solution rather than hire it out.

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