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Import CSV Limit?

I have a csv file that I’m trying to import.

47,000 entries.

I map the fields, it calls the data successfully, but when I click Submit nothing happens.

Is there a limit to what you can import? Is it even importing??

I have uploaded several thousand that way. but it does take a while.

Does it validate OK ? Gives you a count of the number that it will import ?

Validates fine. 1 of 47000 entries… i click to proceed and the window closes and nothing happens.

Just came back to check and still nothing in the database.

Is there something wrong with the system or what I’m doing? @emmanuel

Which app is it?

And attached is the file… I cannot for the life of me get it to import. This is a test app for the purpose of this import/configuration only.

CSV file can be downloaded with 47,000 entries here as I cannot upload it to this forum:

Airports.csv is the file. Fields are already configured in the database.

This is what I get when I validate:

When i press ‘DONE’ absolutely nothing further happens…

If only 1 record has been processed that’s a problem. Are you sure your data is clean?

What do you mean by clean?

Well a good format in CSV. it’s a problem is only one entry is processed. Have you tried opening the file in excel?

Yes I have opened the file in excel and it seems fine.

Do special characters in the file contribute to unclean files?

I believe the type is utf8 if that matters?

Please see the attached file and advise what the issue is with it and I will make the changes:

I see no issues with the data. Perhaps it’s a compatibility issue?

Is it the data above … ?

This doesn’t seem right …

You have a type of airport in the airport thing. So it won’t import because it will try to match to an existing thing.

Don’t I need to create a thing? So that I can import the data to that thing???

I’m trying to import a list of airports… I thought that creating a thing called ‘Airport’ would make sense, am in incorrect??

How should it be imported/done if not??

All those should be text types I would suggest.

It works, slowly !

I made a new table with text fields.

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I wish there was a type conflict here or something. Works thanks!

You can use csv to link a thing to another, that is what the search field does.

So if you have a csv field “Apple” you can define the field as fruit and use the csv field to look up “Apple” against fruit name and store that object on the thing you are creating.

But glad it works :slight_smile:

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If I overwrite the imported data does it change any existing entries?

Can I update the list of airport codes once a month by doing the same import into the same database without risk of issues?

There’s a way to accelerated an CSV upload data? We will upload some databases in near future. Right now, 12700 records with small photo (4kb/photo) take 2 hours instead of minutes with MySQL on Google Cloud.

We can talk about this for people on a higher plan (no guarantee though), please reach out to [email protected] to talk about this.