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Add template to existing app


I’m trying to add a messaging feature to my existing app, and found a template that could work well on the marketplace ( Does anyone know if I can add/port in this entire template to my existing app somehow, or if I have to do this manually (by copying each workflow step, etc.)?

Thanks so much!


Hi Su-Young,

Unfortunately there is no way to apply a template to an existing app outside of copying and pasting elements. If it helps, you can copy/paste “with workflows” if you right-click. You may still have to reconnect some things if there are custom states involved, plugins used in the template, workflow folders, etc.

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Gotcha - thank you Gaby!

hie @suyoungkim.syk did you manage to customize pastel within your app, im having a bit of a problem its now acting as a group chat instead of one to one messaging. Can you help me ? i think the issue is here

Iam sad bc I spent 6h waiting to make a adding template but not I can’t thay fuck

Sorry for the bad word


Do you know if there’s any new possibilities to add templates/blocks after app creation. I would like a complete copy and past with database tables and popups etc.

Best, Peter