Importing CSV to the datbase

I want to import a list of leads into the database. I have a paid plan and I’ve named all of the data type fields to match the fields of the csv.

I get no data.

What is the COMPLETE and proper procedure to have a

USER upload a csv of their leads > list of leads is added to the database

Thank you in advance for all of your assistance.

Data should be valid to be uploaded. For example a yes/no field should only have yes/no values. Or a location address needs to be a real-world valid address. Bubble validates all data prior to any upload, if one row is failing, nothing will get created and uploaded to the database. In your case with "leads " the problem could be with one of the email addresses not ending with a… If there are few rows you can look through all email addresses to make sure they’re valid. If there are hundreds of rows, use this MS Excel Trick to validate your email addresses before upload.

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Thank you for your response. The conditions you mentioned do not exist. There are no email addresses. There are physical addresses, however I have them being imported as text because the csv has them separated into different fields (i.e. - Address, city, state, zip)

I have double checked all of the other field types and they match. Any other suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Byran. I see. Make sure your data type you select when uploading the csv is of type ‘text’ and that the data field type in your database matches and is also field type ‘text’. If you’re already doing this, what I would then suggest is break up your csv into multiple files and try upload chunks of rows at a time. Then you will be able to narrow down where the problem is coming from when that specific file doesn’t want to upload. Another approach, just as a test, is create multiple files each with only one column i.e. one csv for address, one for zip etc. and try upload each of them separately, because maybe the problem is coming from one specific column.

I hope this helps.