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Impossible to see my pages


When i want to view a page, its redirecting me to my 404 page and when i want to see my index page, “error”

This is caused by a broken URL redirect from your * domain to your custom domain I’ve reported this before (almost a year ago?) without any response from Bubble. To fix it, remove the debug_mode=true from the URL or add a ? before debug_mode because right now it’s trying to load a page called /version-testdebug_mode=true when it needs to read /version-test?debug_mode=true

Specifically, this only occurs when you try and “Run” your app from the home page

Thank you man ! i try it.

It’s working but no actual. Its a older version of my website, why ?

The Dev version of any app should display the latest changes. If you try loading without /version-test, Bubble will display the latest changes you’ve pushed live. In order to push changes to Live, click the “Development” button in the top right of the Bubble editor and select “Deployment and version control” and follow the instructions.

I love you man you are the greatest !

Can you email support about this?

Done! Thanks @emmanuel

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