## Oh no! Cannot view my development version

Hello - I have not been able to view my development version for 24 hours now. Is it only me? Should I seek individual help? The message I get is this:

Oh no!

We’re having some temporary technical difficulties right now. We’re working on the problem as fast as we can!
In the meantime, try refreshing the page or hitting “back” on your browser just in case things are working again…
We’re really sorry!

Is this a message from Bubble? From my domain host? Let me know if I should be trying and sorting this out as an individual problem.

Hey there,

I don’t recognise this as a Bubble message, could your domain registrar…was it working before? Have you recently assigned a domain name or changed any DNS values?

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It turns out it is a Bubble message. I’m now back up and running after emailing Bubble support.
I’m not 100% sure what happened, but it’s good to know that if this happens again - where the issue/message is originating from.

Interesting to know - glad its resolved for you.

If in the future someone has the same issue, they can get in touch with the Bubble support:

I’m having the same problem right now. Did you find out why this happened?
I wrote to bubble support, but will probably take longer than I have to get an answer. Any help is appreciated.

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Have you tried opening it in another browser? Say switch from chrome to firefox or IE to see if you’re getting it there. I always have an abundance of issues when it comes to using bubble and chrome so that may be an issue for you too?

yep, same issue. However tracking back the changes it seems the error started after changing the SEO infos

Same error here

Not even the home page

Hey @FilipeGomes @AAL,

That was due to the outage, check out this thread: