Improve Bubble Forum / Bubble Forum Dying

A year ago I would post something on the forum and there would be very responsive help. In the past couple weeks I’ve posted over half a dozen different questions / request for help and have gotten next to no responses. These are on topics that 1. Should be relatively easy to assist for experienced bubblers and 2. Would be useful to others in different contexts other than my specific use case.

I’m curious if this is caused from a recess of Bubblers. That’s what the optics seem to be and I’m wondering if my enthusiasm should be moved towards a platform with an active community and user base. For such a long-growing and useful product such as bubble I really think you need to expand rapidly with your customer service and engagement teams and develop a technical support solution rather than only focusing on technical development.

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I’d have a look at this thread as to why it may seem less active on the forum:


Definitely NOT dead, far from it. I’ve been on Bubble for nearly two years and consider myself very adept at Bubble. Even so, the forum continues to be my most valuable resource even for complex topics such as APIs, Backend Workflows, and converting to native apps. I love this forum.

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Thanks for the link. I wonder if a paid option either via subscription or pay-per-help from an expert would be something that could benefit the ecosystem. As a novice (growing into intermediate) bubbler who took the bootcamp last year I’m finding that questions arise - However sometimes there is no relevant guide or knowledge base to reference. Including the limited selection of up-to-date third-party resources for bubble education. For this reason, the forum is so valuable.

To support experienced bubblers and nurture the new waves of novice bubblers, a bubble edu section could be a great resource (and income generator) to consider.


Hey care1,

There are coaching options here at Coaching | Bubble , depending on your needs. The page is a bit hard to find but it’s in the academy page!