In a CATCH-22: Is it impossible to get an item's index from a list?

I’m displaying a single item from a list. It needs to do two (seemingly incompatible?) things:

  1. Have a NEXT button which loads the next item from the list.
  2. Display a particular item in the list that I specify, not just the :first or :last item in the list.

The problem: I have a list of items, and I have my current item, but I have no way* of determining what the index of my current item is.

*The only way to get the index is to have a repeating group that the user navigates through until they are at the correct item, and then get the index. But the whole point of this is so the user doesn’t have to navigate through hundreds of items to view one.

I can’t use a Repeating Group because it’s not possible to load a particular item (page) in a group unless I already know that item’s index. I can’t get the item’s index because of the problem.

So then I have to use a regular, non-repeating group. But in that case, I need to get the “next” item in the list. To get the next item, I need the current item’s index, but I still can’t do because of the problem.

Coming back to report that I have figured out how to do this with a repeating group.

The “current index” should actually just be “Page number” .

I’m also able to get the total number of items in the list (from a repeating group) by doing:

RepeatingGroup's List :count

Now that’s funny. :slight_smile:

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Especially funny considering my first attempt to use a repeating group, I was encouraged not to, lol.

Finally came full circle and found a good way to make it work.


Whelp, I’m back to the drawing board again… I can’t figure out a way to navigate to a particular item in the RG.

I have significantly edited this post as I have refined my understanding of the problem.

Check out this free plugin 1 Thing - Index Finder Plugin | Bubble

It does exactly what you need and is simple to use.

Then you can easily get the index of any given item, then simply use that to skip to the next item in the list, or go back to the previous.


Thank you, this is the solution to almost 20 days of work!!!

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Thanks guys, this was exactly what I was looking for!!

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