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In action line (flow) show in red title of action with issues

In action line (flow) show in red title of action with issues. I don’t mind to show in red the title of the respective properties window, just the title used in the flow line so that you can more easily spot actions with issues.

this is useful when you have multiple issues to have an overview of where issues are

Interesting idea, we’ll see what we can do.

since when you open workflow tab after you cloned a page and changed its type you don’t see event actions expanded (and after all you see one event handler at a time), better show red bounding box to event name boxes too when their actions line have such box (that is when some action has issue in the event handler)

that would give one a good overview of the events that have issues and may help them decide which page has less issues to handle first, or decide which event to fix first in a page’s workflow etc.