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Multiple rows in workflow editor for different IF clauses

The picture should tell the point:

There is more than enough screen estate available and going through the new action for the same element several times is tedious and this could and should be streamlined.

Also, I’d really appreciate an option to have the workflows of two different pages visible for comparative purposes and an occasional quick copy/paste.


Second this !! Absolutely needed feature to keep bubble a simple platform

Would love it too ! With a IF Condition ,THEN would be even better. But already asked this several times :slight_smile:
Bubble App has evolved A LOT this last year, except this workflow tab.

Ooh yes… That looks lovely…

thing is that currently it wraps events downwards. You suggest scrolling horizontally to find the event you want

I think I prefer that indeed better than the following image, which even though it gives an overview still it is hard to read and find what you want

btw, I’d also want to see a autoselect combobox at the top to pick an event by name if you have many events, where I would be able to type in parts of the event trigger title (like Student to see all events that have the substring [or at least the word] Student in their trigger title)

So our initial design was like this (see a video here, please be understanding and not judgmental for the design and the cheesy-ness of the video. It’s vintage :blush:)

The issue then is that it gave the wrong impression that workflows were run in parallel, which they’re not. But we can re-discuss this.

Cool retro-feel to the video :slightly_smiling:
I fully understand and appreciate how much bubble has evolved - that’s huge!
But I’d still like to see the feature I suggested - it would help.
@birbilis - no, I don’t suggest horizontal scrolling, that would be a total waste.
Instead, when you click on the event base (just the element button, then it can open potentially more than one row under it. A bit like google inbox. You click on the message header and there opens the conversation. Here it would be not the conversation but all the workflows connected with that event base.
Grouping or search would also be neat.

well they could also run in parallel, but would need sync commands or sync objects etc.

not sure if the layout was causing the confusion, still one have the question if they’re run in parallel or not

however in most UI systems, there is an event queue and each event handler runs to completion, in order of event triggering time to avoid the complexity of synchronization and to avoid having to make UI element code reentrant

problem is that as you see in my screenshot you may have too many events to fit in the screen width. In that case you’d need horizontal scrolling to pick an event, plus don’t have an overview (have fewer events shown at a time). Anyway even with the wrapping (grid-like) view of event trigger titles I think it doesn’t help to have overview (too much text there on the screen)

btw, if you keep this wrapping view, maybe allow one to define custom color for the event handler or show different background colours for those events based on their event source (UI element or Data object if/when those trigger events too) type (different bkgr color in the event title for Button and for Dropdown etc. events that is)

Workflows all runs at the same time, but we don’t want users to start thinking the ones at the top come before the one below, etc. That’s where we had some issues before.

if they run in parallel and don’t wait for completion, aren’t there issues then if a user presses UI controls fast or if some control does a calculation that takes some more time?