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In the DesignTab, Where to find Stripe Checkout

Inside the Bubble Design tab, how do I find the Stripe Checkout form that appears when customers place a order?

The reason is that I’ve built the Mobile versions of my website, and it works, but the only thing that is still way out of proportion is the Stripe Checkout form that appears when clicking on the buy button, so I want to change the sizes of the checkout form.

The checkout form is a stripe UI so it’s not customizable. If there is something weird please post a screenshot and we can see if it’s on the bubble side.

Yes, I thought so. I made a misjudgement, the Stripe form DOES show up properly in mobile, but first this appears.
(The Crack Canyon is the name of a option I have of my product).

Is it normal that this popup appears on Mobile? I’ve never made a Stripe purchase from a Mobile page before, never saw one.

Yes, it’s normal. It’s unfortunately a limitation of stripe checkout, if we don’t do that it’s getting blocked by popup blockers.

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Ah, that’s good news, I thought I had set it up wrong.
Thank you!

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@Mikey @emmanuel
I don’t mean to hijack this thread but is there a pre-built checkout template that we can use or do we have to build it from scratch?

I have looked around on the design panel and on the forum but can’t seem to find a template (if there was one).

Bubble uses stripes built in Checkout form. Once you use the charge current user action, you’ll see the popup from stripe.

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Sorry guys for re-opening this but if i remember correctly in the past there was an option in bubble to either use the stripe popup or directly open the stripe page. I can’t seem to find this option now. Does it still exist?

Bubble only uses the popup now.

Do you know why that was stopped?

I think just because of UI reasons. @emmanuel mentions it in this thread:

this was a clunky approach we had to chose before we were able to use Checkout, and led to a lot of issues with changing the page.

Got it. Reason I am asking is because on mobile devices your presented by stripe with a half baked pop-up that forward you to another page. So I just wanted to skip this step and save the user another click. Anyways thanks guys, appreciate the feedback