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Is your native app Stripe checkout pop-up working?

Is anyone having issues with Stripe integration checkout (eg; Credit Card input form not showing) for a native that has been deployed on the apple app store?

@Rogelio Has the issue been resolved. I am about to launch a native app with stripe integration and want to be sure it’s working.

Hi @garrett.mccurrach

No, Stripe for native doesn’t work. The problem is that the way Bubble has implemented Stripe is through the standard Checkout.js form, which opens the CreditCard input form on a separate tab (driven by Stripe) which then breaks the implementation for native.

The workaround I have implemented is by integrating Stripe through Send Owl ( which then gives you the ability to show the user the credit card credential form as an external link.

hope that helps.

Hi @Rogelio, As I understand it, Stripe plugin opens a popup on a single webpage and then disappears. Is this the problem? May I ask you to provide a screenshot of what it does please?

Is stripe checkout working on mobile for you in a basic web app? It’s only working on desktop for me & has been frustrating as all get out, as I feel like I’ve tried every workaround.

i have managed to get it to work by creating a separate Stripe API call using the Bubble API Connector.