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Inaccurate search results

For some reason my search results aren’t fully accurate. I’m getting results that do not have any connection to the filter value.

I have set the search filter to “Any field that contains - (search inputs value)”

It finds accurate results, however, it’s also finding results that have no connection to the input value.

There isw nothing in the description that connects to the search input’s value “Design”.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Thanks for reading!

Remove ignore empty constraints

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Just did, still running into the same problem. For some reason I’m still getting results of “Social Media Content Creator” & “Product Manager”

I can take a look tomorrow. I’d need access to the editor to better understand.

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I can take a look and help. LMK

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Is there a field you’re not displaying that contains that word?

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That’s what’s confusing, there should be no data field that contains that search query. No idea where it’s coming from.

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