NEED HELP PLEASE! Handling incoming email responses with attachments when using Sendgrid inbox parse webhook - Updated

Hey everyone. Really hoping this forum community can give me some insights on this. I’m currently building a CRM style platform and I’m looking for some ideas/solutions on how to handle incoming email responses from emails that are sent from the platform using the sendgrid integration.

Here is what I’m hoping to do. I would like to use a catchall email as the reply email address to all emails sent from within the platform via the sendgrid integration. I need to figure out a way to tag the user that sent the email so that when the customer replies, it will be directed to that user.

I’m running into issues due to Sendgrid not handling incoming email, only outgoing. I was thinking about embedding the users unique ID in the original email header but if the customer saves the contact and doesn’t reply to that email, it won’t help me.

I thought about creating a workflow to check the customers data record for the tagged user such as sales person and then create a notification for that user with the content of the email but wasn’t sure if their was a better way out there.

I also need the ability as I add new clients to the platform, during the onboarding process, I can use API to create a new catchall email address for them on whoever I’m using for the pop/incoming email handling.

I really appreciate any and all help on this. I have been stumped for awhile now trying to figure out the best way to handle this.

one idea would be to create a mail address like: and add a link to a page where the answer can be submitted.

Also i found this in the docs of sendgrid:

Thanks @daviddr17 , I was looking over the inbox parse webhook option. Where I’m running into challenges is how to associate the inbound email that is parsed to the user who sent the original email out in the platform. I’m thinking I might be able to parse the “to” field and designate that as the connection to the user but not sure yet.

That’s not scaleable if 2 people on platform are emailing same person, you’ll use a messageID or threadID mailgun&sendgrid both offer ways to identify it.

Your best bet is to sit down and deep read the documentation. It’s a haste but the easiest way to understand how to do this the correct way.

Or hire someone who’s done it before to speed up the process. If you need help shoot me a DM.


@supportdept Is there any update coming to allow the Sendgrid inbox parse webhook to accept attachments? I would think with Bubble choosing Sendgrid as the official email partner, they would integrate the features of that partner fully so we would have a complete solution.

Does anyone know of a way to use the Sendgrid inbox parse webhook to save attachments to the data record the workflow creates other than using Pipedream, Zapier or Really could use some help here!