Inbound email/parsing

Hey everyone - hoping someone can help with this.

We’ve recently built a feature that allows users to copy in a generic email, and have that email/thread sent to the app, and logged against the correct company/user (CRM app).

We’re coming up against issues with parsing, whereby in some cases the email is being parsed and stored correctly, and in other cases, it’s failing. Something to do with the structure being different depending on the email client.

This is a really crucial part of the app, and so I’m willing to go with a third-party provider if needed. I believe we tried Nylas originally, but there was again some problems here which led us down the parsing route.

Any suggestions really appreciated! If someone has done this before and can show, please let me know !

Which email API are you using? Postmark makes inbound parsing easy

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We’re using SendGrid - is Postmark better?

Better? Perhaps. Awesomer? Apparently. :slight_smile:

Sendgrid can also do inbound parsing but yep I prefer Postmark

Alright thanks - it sounds like one of these is “the” solution then.

Appreciate the quick replies!

We tried sendgrid parsing before for the same use case and had the same problem. Not sure if postmark is better.

We decided to stick to Nylas and are looking to upgrade to a Bubble enterprise plan to get through the security review for the full email sync.

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