Incompatible Type Dropdown

I got a Repeating Group and a Dropdown menu.
The users have different roles which are an option set in a list format.
I want to achieve this:

When the current users’role contains dropdown … show the element.

But I cant select the dropdown because of incompatible Type… Why? The dropdown is dynamic with the same option set as the users role.

Share some screenshots of the dropdown element, and you User database sturcture

I meant a screenshot of the actual Data Types Tab (not the app data)…

Sorry here you go:

This has happened to me on dropdowns that are obviously compatible. I had to clear cache and reload the editor. Now I’m pretty used to being gaslit by Bubble editor :roll_eyes:

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Yes that worked. Thank you… But annoying…

Send a bug report too, just link or copy and paste your forum post instead of repeating yourself… Support | Bubble

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