Saving Dropdown Selection

Hi All,

I’m building a mobile web application for my company and I need to be able to store user information from this interaction.

But when trying to setup the role to save the information as Sign Up role in Drop down, its saying that’s an incompatiable type (See Below) - Does anyone have a work around, I would like to have the drop down functionality to help with the ease of mobile? Appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!

Appears that i’ll have the same issue for checkboxes - should i be using some other element to track these behaviors?

Is “Role” a type of Thing in your database? That would be why you’re seeing this issue. The dropdown you have listed is a Static type, meaning it’s just Text. If “Role” is a type of Thing, you should be using a Dynamic dropdown with Role as the type of thing for the dropdown.

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No it’s not - what i want to be able to do is save an option as a current role that a worker has saved as apart of our community on initial registration.

So what I think I need to do is create a new thing called “Registration” and add a section for Roles like this:

And then add searchable text for the selection that I want to search for -

Problem is that I keep getting an error when adding this as a choices of source like the below:

I’m a complete newb so really appreciate the help here and any guidance on if i’m even going about this the right way!

@jlaufer1989 Can you share a link to the app editor? (Can PM me if you prefer!) It looks like that error Bubble picked up is pertaining to the default value of a dropdown, but the screenshot says it’s empty? Maybe there’s an extra space hiding in there?

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