Issues With Material Icon Loading

Seems to be a new and intermittent issue but Material icons and certain font types are not loading correctly in multiple browsers and on multiple devices.

Reset all browser settings and performed optimization. The issue appears on both desktop and mobile and affects the main bubble site and my websites hosted through bubble. Is anyone else running into this or experiencing anything similar?


A quick screenshot of the main bubble navigation for reference.

This problem persists in multiple browsers

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Yes I have same issue and reported a bug with Bubble. Waiting on a response for now. Thought it was just on my end but users are reporting issues too which sucks since I’m trying to demo for an enterprise client right now.

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I’ve been having the same issues.

Seeing this on my end too.

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Having the same issue. Any update?

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Same issues here. Tested on ipad/Chrome browser and PC/Chrome browser.

Hrm… it’s looking fine for me

Have y’all tired filing a bug report?

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I’ve checked this on Firefox and Safari, and they are both operating normally. It seems to be isolated to a Chrome Browser issue.

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It’s back up and working now for me. (edit)
Now working on Chrome on Ipad. PC/Chrome is still showing formatting errors.

I’ve noticed intermittent display of the icons on the production version of my app in Chrome with it deciding to load sometimes and not others.

Also important is the fact that the bubble editor is also affected:

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*update - have changed the topic of this thread to “Bugs” and not “Need Help” as this is not a specific issue with my applications now.

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We’re seeing the same issue, but mostly in mobile chrome browsers. Desktop chrome doesn’t seem to be having an issue.

Same here. Chrome browser.

Same here, in Chrome. Fine in Firefox.

Just seemed to resolve for me in Chrome.

I’m having this issue with Ionic icons as well - the default icon set seems to be working though. This is an extremely widespread issue (our main app is unreadable and we’ve already had complaints from clients, not to mention how hard it is to use the editor right now). Has anyone heard back from support yet?

@emmanuel there is a major bug with material icons not loading (displayed as text).

Can someone look into this?

Thank you

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Still not resolved after updating chrome for me

From support.

“ Thank you for reaching out to Bubble for help with this unexpected behavior! My name is Roody, a member of Bubble’s Tier 2 Support team, and I will be here to assist you.

I’ve been able to confirm that other users are experiencing this behavior, and our engineering team is currently investigating the issue. Our team will be in touch directly with any updates or if more information is needed.

Please let me know if anything changes on your end or if you have any other questions, comments, or feedback in the meantime. Our team is always happy to help!”