Individually unique pages vs single page that uses Dynamic Data?

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New here to Bubble and all things related to coding/visual programming. I am creating a website that pulls information on different types of X products. So far I’ve made a small data set where users can input text into a search bar to query multiple listings/search results. I’ve used Repeated Groups in order to achieve this.

I would like to make it so where a user can click on one of the listings from the results page to go to a new page, which shows more information about that particular product. My question is: How would I go about this? For example, if I had 5 different listings, would I create 5 unique pages within Bubble, or would I dedicate a single page which draws data using Dynamic Data functions? What is recommended? I plan to list over 500 products.


Of course not, thats the idea, you design a single page, and then push a selected listing to it, and the page show that listing

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Thanks for the comment, cheskiefisch!

I understand that I’ll have a single page that lists the page results, which I already have implemented and named it the “Search_Results_Page”. However, does each unique product have its own dedicated page?

Say if the results page populated 5 listings. In order to see the information of each product, does each listing have its own unique page in Bubble? Or would it be better to create one dedicated page, called “Product_Info_Page” for example, and dynamically pull data for a specific product.

To explain further, say my website provides information about US cities. On the main index page, a user can search for the term “New York”. This brings the user to a new page (“Search_Results_Page”), which shows a list of cities within New York. A user is interested in “New York City” so he or she clicks on a button that says “Click here for more information”.

The user is now on a new page that shows information about New York City. Would this page be unique only for New York City, or is it possible to have this page as a “Template” where it displays only information on New York City because that is what the user selected from the search results page? I know there’s a more than one way to skin a at. I’m just curious on what others do in this scenario.

Exactly what i meant, you dont need a separate page for each entry, you design a template page and push an entry to it to view

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@cheskiefisch is right. You just need one product page. The data type will be ‘Product’. From the results page, you’ll have an action that takes people to the product page and sends data along with it, the data being the current cell’s product in your repeating group.

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