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Need Help: Creating unique Page link per Customer Id

I am new to Bubble and to programming.
I want to create a form that enable to create multiple pages with a unique page link per customer/pages.
My form has always the same structure (I don’t have much problem with that: Input/workflow/Create a newtype/Field) and I can enter it in the database.

My problem is how to use the same page structure to display the data but specific to each customer?
Should I create a page per customer (which is not what I want) or can it be done dynamicaly. Everytime I create a new customer, I want a new page link to be created with the data that I enter for that customer.

I am sure it’s pretty simple, would greatly appreciate your help


You can create a page filled with dynamic elements, that show the fields of your database. Through privacy settings it should not be possible for users to see the input data of other users but only the data that they filled in on their own.

Thanks @jan173 for the Quick reply
That’s what I have try to do but face some issues:

  • How can I access to the unique id of the Data (the One to my spécificité Customer) in my Database. I didn’t manage to set Up proper my using the “Do a Search for” fonction (need some info/help here)
  • How can I structure my Database properly so Each line correspond to a unique Customer. It seems like if I don’t enter All the Data at once It create a new line in the Database. First I enter the project Name in my ProjectID filed, then I enter the specific Data attached to that project using the same ProjectID Field but It creates two line into the Database because it’s 2 Different Creation dates.
    When I create a list of do a Search for It seams that I can not access all the Data link to that specific project.
  • How can I create specific/unique page id ( to access those specific Fields link to the specific Data for that Customer.

Thanks for your help

I manage to do that using page parameter?ID=customer1
Thanks @brentsum for the Great demo on using parameter in the Airbnb course.

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