Initial page load is incredibly slow

I have an index page and a sign-in popup. That’s it. No searches, no other complicated interactivity. Just an index page and a popup with a sign-in (email, username, password, confirm fields) form. Basic “log the user in then redirect to main page” workflow. A single 16kb logo.

Upon first loading or even in tests it’s taking 30 seconds or more to complete loading. doesn’t matter if it’s test or live site. Both do the same thing.

I have cable internet

I enabled SSL And I am using a custom domain through namecheap. It all resolves correctly and has been for the past couple of days.

It’s just that initial page load

I am on the personal plan, but I can’t / don’t want to invite anyone to try my app because it takes so long to load.

Hi, out of interest, which country are you in?

It is unusual to take that long. If you want to copy the app and leave it mostly as is for public viewing, would be happy to test the speed from here (Sydney, Australia).

I am in the united staes. I think its a little bit of the custom domain. Maybe it needed to propogate more. Because right now it seems ok.

I got the same problem. Page loads and workflows are often incredibly inconsistent. Sometimes it takes over a minute to load the page / run a workflow. Often the workflows crash and give a error message ‘temporary bug…’

Yeah. This is infuriating for a paid project with a single user just trying to load the site. It’s hosted on bubble so where is the bottleneck? I did notice that chrome has this problem whereas firefox and IE don’t… This is on different platforms with minimal plugins (especially on the phone).

What is not acceptable is the damn randomness of this. I simply can’t show this app if user’s first impression is that it’s slow (I am dealing with a crowd with little patience). And again, this is JUST to load the login form. Not even doing any search or anything. I mean, really?

Yes I also noticed that Safari doesn’t have this problem. I now do al my editing and testing in Safari while I rather use Chrome. The thing really bothers me is that if I connect to a different WIFI network (not the one in my house, like the LTE connection from my phone) It seems to fix most of these problems (but this is, just like using another browser, a temporary solution). The thing is that I don’t know if what type of internet connection my users are using. Bubble is also the only site I use giving my this problem.

@solidad72 Maybe you could also try loading your site on another internet connection in Chrome?

I honestly don’t care that I have a random lag like that. it’s more the fact that I can’t show my app off because I don’t know WHY this is happening. If it was JUST a browser issue there would be a simple sticky saying “don’t use this browser” but there is nothing. Most of my users use android and it lags for me. That’s all I know. I can use google, amazon, stream 4k video but bubble takes 30 seconds. I don’t get it.

If your page load takes 30 seconds, I’d suggest filing a bug report, as I’ve never seen it take that long.

I did, 11 days ago… After some back and forwarth they said 5 days ago that the engineering team will take a look at it. I didn’t hear anything after that.

The big problem here is it is inconsistent. I can’t reliably reproduce anything.

And this is why I don’t even want to bother with support yet. I would rather make sure I know what I am dealing with but even now, I can’t reproduce it anyway. It’s working fine as of this post. But I am going to be so angry if it happens again tomorrow or an hour from now.

Some people mention trying a different network. The problem is that if it was the network I wouldn’t be able to go to other websites all over the globe. ONLY my bubble site has an obvious 30 second lag like this. And it’s a 30 second pause, THEN it loads the site in milliseconds.

I may eventually put in a ticket but man this is insanely frustrating.

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