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26 seconds to load main pages across browsers, any suggestions?

Hi all;

I just timed it and each the first two pages of my site take 26 seconds to load across different browsers.

I realize that each site is different but if there are any suggestions on what I can do to speed that up, if anything, I’d really appreciate the ideas.

here is my site, all built on!!


At first sight you have issues with mixpanel. make sure you’re not including it twice, if you use the plugin, you don’t need to add the snippet.

Hi Emmanuel

I m also having some issues with the speed. Can you maybe give some tips about how to increase the website speed?

We’re working on performance continuously (here it doesn’t take 26 seconds though). Hopefully things will get better in the coming weeks, if not we’ll look into specific situations.

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Right now i can’t load my pages, also Bubble page is really slow

my internet speed:

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We are currently live with our first real client (testing at least some parts) but the app is suddenly EXTREMELY slow. I checked with a colleague and he confirms.

Not a good first impression :cry:

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Having the same issue here, been working great until today! Suddenly it takes around 20 seconds to load the login page for my app? In the past its been almost immediate. Tried on different networks and different computers and still the same issue :cry:

EDIT: Also the same for the preview version within bubble! It takes just as long to load up

We’re having some issues with our SSL infrastructure right now, which is causing slowness and page loading failures. Trying to resolve them…


No worries! Really appreciate the update :slight_smile:

Yeah, if I connect using the URL instead of my custom URL everything is fine. Thought it was some DNS type issue going on.

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Same here. works but custom domain seems to not be connecting to the db.

Yea I have same issue right now. None of my customers can load any pages and we have an event scheduled for tomorrow that they can’t see the event info for it anymore…

Same here. Works with [app-name] but not the custom domain


-We aren’t able to serve SSL certificates right now. We’re relying on an external provider that’s down right now, and they haven’t gotten back to me with an ETA for fixing it yet so I’ll keep you posted

-Your apps should all be available over http:// in the interim. This was broken for the last hour, but should be working now – just deployed a fix


And we’re back!

Thank you so much Josh! :clap:

You should tell them you no longer want to be mates. :sunglasses:

Haha, well that’s unlucky timing for me. Just bought an SSL certificate for an app tonight. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hey guys, really sorry for the issues last night. SSL is now back online. I’m rolling out a backup system today so that if this happens again it won’t interfere with our ability to serve certificates or take down the websites.


That’s great Josh! Thanks for all the amazing work you do.