Input Box won't clear a Windows "AutoFill" Value

I think this might be a Windows issue but it’s really annoying me (so it probably is Windows)
I have an Input Box that won’t clear its value when that value is “Autofilled” from the list of values that Windows/my browser (MS Edge) has “remembered”.
It looks like this after I’ve checked the Checkbox to confirm the recipient details…

Screenshot 2023-04-21 103524

Which is fine but then if I change my mind and want to remove the recipient and choose someone else, I click the Iconic Checkbox again to clear it which is meant to clear the value by Resetting the group that all my Inputs are in and it doesn’t clear the value from the FirstName.

Screenshot 2023-04-21 103059

Cany anyone suggest a way round this? (Changing from Windows and using a different browser isn’t an option, sadly)

See, if there is a default value on name.

Thanks for this. I’ve checked and there isn’t so the mystery continues…

Dm me your editor, i will take a look on it