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Input: Changing border color when text changed

Hi Folks,

Could someone kindly give me the work flow steps to change the border color of an input when the text is changed.

I’ve been through several different paths, but keep reaching a dead end.

Thank you!


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Hi there, @susanjean05… one way to go about doing what you have described is to use a workflow to set a custom state when the input’s value is changed. Then, put a conditional on the input element to change the element’s border color when the custom state is set to a particular value (i.e., whatever you set it to in the workflow).

The suggestion above assumes you don’t need the input’s border to stay a certain color when the page is refreshed, of course. If you do, you will need to reference something that has been saved in the database to make that happen.

Hope this helps.


I will try what you suggest, Mike. Thanks a bunch.

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