Input element not displaying dynamic information (*REPOST*)

Hey Again Bubblers. I need help with an issue that I have been trying to debug or solve for days now. I have an input element in that calculates the Qty and Rate. It works fine. I also have made the “Amount” input element to auto save when its value is changed so that I can display data dynamically in the Sub’total and perform further calculations. But Now. The SubTotal element doesn’t show any thing. It display’s “0.00” and I want it to show the Sub total of all the item’s amount summed up.

Thank in advance for your help

Preview of my workflow

Link to the preview page, Never mind the empty dashboard group.

Go to invoices and create a new invoice, then you’ll be able to see what I am talking about:

And this is a link to the editor:

Have you tried the reset data action yet? I’ll make this clearer for you.

In this WF

Use the reset data action

Reset the group that “Input Sub Total…” is in…

…this group “Group Sub Total”

Try see if this works.

Okay so I checked went through your editor in more detail. If you had looked in your debugger you would have spotted that your totals did not change where you expected it.

You can’t use an input value is changed event…

…if the input is not changed by your user. It won’t detect changes in initial content.

You’ll need to adjust your Totals when either of these 2 inputs change…
…since these are the ones your user can make changes to.

Thank You. I managed to make it work. Thanks a ton

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