Tab doesn't reset group data

I’m trying to get an input’s value to update when another input value is changed, but it looks like if the inputs are one tab away from each other, tabbing from one to the next doesn’t trigger the Element Actions > Group > Reset Data function, while hitting Enter works. I’m thinking most users will be hitting tab there and it will feel clunky.


Hi John,

Kindly have a look at the editor link below. Should work fine.

Could you explain what you changed? Tab between unit price and total isn’t updating the total input or the state now. Prior to your edits it was updating the total state.

Can you check again. Does this work better? It doesn’t use any workflows or custom states.

Ok I see it now. Looks like it works on the first tab but if you go back and try to adjust again it doesn’t update that time through.

Tried adding back in the states but still no updating on tab through. If you go back to Qty and change it then total updates so it looks like the update only fails when the tab goes directly into the next field.

Here’s the newest version:

Thank you for your help so far btw!

For me it updates everytime.

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