Input Element Not Firing When Value Changed

Have an input element set to an integer value with a range. Have a workflow set to When input’s value changed and This Input’s value is not in This Input value’s range.


But when I input a value that’s outside the range and use the tab key to exit out of the field, the workflow doesn’'t fire. Same for enter key. It only fires when the workflow is set to When input’s value changed. And it appears to be the same if I set the element type to be a number.

The condition makes no sense (is the expression not in red?)…

I’m guessing what you’re trying to do is trigger the event when entered value is less than 8 or more than 64?

In which case that’s what you’re expression will need to say. (i.e. when input's value < 8 or input's value > 64)

No - it’s not in red. And I tried doing the < 8 or > 64 also. Didn’t work either


So not sure why it’s not firing the workflow. It only fires if it’s set to When PG Input Length’s value is changed. And I’m not sure what the range does if it’s not used to control entry.

do you want it to trigger when the input value has changed or the LENGTH of the input has changed? Your screen shot shows length so if you change the input value of “6” to “7”, the length hasn’t changed.

I tried doing the < 8 or > 64 also. Didn’t work either

Actually no, that won’t work… as the input won’t actually have a value it it’s not within its min and max range settings.

So just remove the min and max values from the input.

That worked. Thanks. Not sure why they have a range with min and max values. I suggested recently to support that they use the min and max range values to limit input - either when the value is entered or when the element loses focus. They said that was a good idea and would let the development team know.

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