Input elements in RG not appearing in Conditionals or Workflow

I added some input elements and a picture uploader on a Repeating Group that appear based on the selected payment method option, but when I tried to set up some conditionals somewhere else based on those elements. (e.g. when a certain RG option is selected and the phone input is not empty) then those inputs don’t appear on the conditionals sections or workflows.

Does anyone know why? Is there a solution?

Hi there,

For some reason, elements including inputs inside of repeating groups are difficult to access from outside the RG. There’s a couple ways to go about what you’re looking to do. First, you could create a custom event outside of the RG of yes/no that is toggled when the certain option is selected, and then set your conditionals based on that state. Or, you could use a plugin to simply access the inside of the RG.
I use a plugin called BDK RepeatingGroup Tools:

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Thank you :pray:

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