Input field not updating after user input

Hey All,

I’m running into some confusion or a workaround if possible, here’s the situation:

For context, have the following input fields:

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Input A is set automatically via a database lookup.
Input B pulls the initial value from Input A
Input C pulls the value from Input B (updated on each time Input B is changed too)
Input D does math based on input C (C Value *12)

Now I have conditionals set on Input B

  1. (if a specific state ‘view’ is 0 then pull the result of C, if the state ‘view’ is 1, pull value from D)

These all work flawlessly… initially. The math between C and D are working, and the initial value provided by input A is also following the conditionals well.

The problem happens when a user changes the value of Input B, the conditionals will no longer update based on the state ‘view’. It’s almost as if the user input breaks the flow of the conditionals and ignores the rules.

Is this normal or is this a bug? In any case does anyone seem to have a fix for this challenge?

I appreciate any responses and suggestions!


It may be worth noting that I don’t necessarily need additional input fields outside of B, as long as I can just have the input field do a (Value *12) calculation based on a conditional and user input.

Hey would love to help by recreating everything. However, I don’t know when the state “view” is being changed. What’s changing it from 0 to 1?

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