Automatically updating input based on conditions

I have fields called: “Status” and “Progress” in Type: “Color”. Color is automatically set to “Red” and Progress is set to “0”

What I’m hoping to accomplish in the app is when I change the progress value:
0 = Red, 1 - 99 = Yellow, and 100 = Green

So I go and set it up the following ways:


But I can’t get the Input value to update :frowning:

Any help/insight is much appreciated!

You can’t change (save) data from conditionals.
You have 2 options:

1- Instead of using input field, use text element, and then you can change the text of the element (but that data is not stored in the db).

2- Instead of using conditionals on the input elements, you can do when condition is true then make a change to a thing or using RG list of cell.

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