Input & Map Element working together


I am trying to figure out a complex problem (at least for me it is - I am new-ish to Bubble). I am trying to achieve the following… I have an Input & Map Element

And I am wanting users to type in an Address or ZIP/Postal Code in the Input, and then the marker goes to it on the Map. When the marker moves on the map, I then want that Input to automatically fill in the full address of where that marker is. (IE: if I type in 90211, the map should take me to Beverly Hills area and place the marker down on the map. Then, when it placed, the Input element will display the Full Address - not 90211). On top of this, I would also love to have the marker draggable on the map and then the input takes that address too if moved.

Here are the element specs:

Example of how I would like it to function:

I could be wrong, but I don’t believe you can achieve the behavior you’re looking for using the standard built in map element by Bubble.

Ah okay! No worries! It’s definitely a wish list kind of item, but will work around it!

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