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Drop Pin on Maps to complete address field

my app is designed for a region that does not fully support address lookup. Is there a way I can have the user move the pin on the map to select the location on the map. This information should then be moved or captured on a address field and stored in a thing.

Yes, this should be possible. The “address” field also has a Lat/Long associated with it, so you should be able to extract this, and use a control on the page to move the marker.

hey Nigel, sorry about this but I have been trying to do this for a while. To simplify the problem i am trying to have a movable pin translate into long and lat coordinates.

Can you provide me with steps out an example.


Let me have a go and post it back later. I think it should be possible :smile: but need to check !

Actually I’m not sure we support that. Right now the user can click on an existing marker, but we don’t have an event when the user clicks on a map. What is the use case?

No, you can’t do the “put the pin where where I am clicking on the map”.

But I am thinking you can probably simulate picking it up and “dropping it” somehow ?

Ok. So what will be the best way to go about this. This is a must have for me at this stage as it is an important part of the site.

Please any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

can you describe what you’re trying to do?

Basically allow the user to set an address field using the map. Clicks on a location in the map to populate the address field.



This is an example of what I am trying to do.

The information returned to the address field can be the address or geolocation. If this feature needs to be sponsored please let me know how I can proceed.


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You can’t do that “drop the pin here” action. Which would be nice, but not possible for now.

It is pretty horrible, but what you can do is drop a pin and then move that pin around … It relies on being able to input a lat/long into an address input field.

So, I set up a group, of type address. And then two groups within that of type number, that extracted the parents group lat and long. I then have a button with an action that changes the number and sends the value (+/- 0.01) back to the group.

I then have ANOTHER input of type address, that concatenates the Lat and Long inputs, separated by a comma, and I use this to “Display Marker” on the map.

It sort of works. Sorry, that is about as close as I can get to being able to manually place a marker on a map :frowning:

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Hi, any new updates for this function?

It has been possible for a while.

Thanks, is it still impossible to directly click on the map to get the address?

No it’s not. The style being used here is similar to the one being used in Uber and in my opinion superior to the click.

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alright, thanks for the reply. Hope Bubble will add this feature in future.

Any update on this feature? To summarise: would like to navigate the map manually, and click on it to drop a pin and set a location where you clicked.


Any update on this feature?

I would also be interested in this feature.

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Here’s a way to do what you’re looking to have done, essentially.

Sign up for an account at and click the green ‘List Bando’ button and navigate to this point in the sign up process. Play around with the map and you may see how you can get what you’re hoping for. Download one of the apps if you want to see it on mobile.

It’s not exactly the hold-map-and-drop-pin action that’s native to the Google Map’s app, but it’s close. Note in the below screenshot the Latitude and Longitude are updated from the one above. So when inputting a location it can been by the person inputting it as the exact right spot. Some plugin workflows can reverse geocode this into a 5555 This Big Ave, Denver, Colorado, 80201 etc.

Good luck.

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