Input or search value uppercase

Hello guys,
Is there a way to set in input element input value to uppercase/lowercase only? If user types for instance dwWDa24, bubble should automaticly change it to DWWDA24. It is necessary in my case because in workflow I cannot set :uppercase function for not known for me reason.

This is my workflow:

I want :uppercase in this dropdown menu because function doesn’t work when it executes it present way.

You can use a hidden text set to :uppercase of that element and evaluate the hidden text in the workflow


so brilliant so simple! haha

edit: wait a second, I can’t evaluate to Text element, only buttons and inputs are allowed…do you know why?

You can also add a style tag in your header and use plain css

#inputID{ text-transform: uppercase; }

Thank you guys, I just modified deadpoetnsp solution. Instead of Text element I added another hidden input element where I set initial content to be the first input value:uppercase :slight_smile:

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Since another UI element isn’t actually needed, this seems like a good use-case for a custom state. Add a custom state of type Text to the input; and when the input changes, set the custom state to the input’s value converted to upper case.

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I wish there was a way to “bind” custom states based on modified inputs without a workflow action.

Hi @shawnmi6,
Could you explain how to do it? please

Loved this solution ur da best

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