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Input Validation in Condition?

When filling in a form where the user creates a new product, I would like the user’s chosen SKU to be unique.

I was hoping to be able to validate the input right there on the input element settings, but it only will check the input is not empty.

I went into the conditions, and do a search for product whose SKUs are like the input’s, and hope to trigger a “input is invalid” state.

But sadly, there’s no such thing (or did I miss it?).

So it seems the only way to do that is to add some additional warning element or disable the saving button until the issue is resolved.

But how to make the input have its invalid state? I can’t seem to see how to trigger that specifically.

Conditional: Do a search for ITEM where SKU = inputs’ value :first item ‘is not empty’

If the above conditional is true then the SKU already exists. If you change ‘is not empty’ to ‘is empty’ then you will know it does not exist and is a valid input


Hi there,
Apologies, I got that part, but I fail to see how this will visually trigger the invalid input state of the input.
Did I misunderstand?

Under that condition use the dropdown ‘Select a property to change when true’ and give the input a red border and a red background. You could also put a group next to the input that only shows when the condition is true and have some text that says ‘This SKU already exists’. Also on whatever button you use to submit you can add for it to only work if that conditional is true or false depending on your needs. If you are using auto-binding then it would be much more difficult.

Right. So that’s what I thought. There’s no way to just say “this input is wrong” and I need to do the work of blocking save and warning etc. too bad :neutral_face:
Thanks though @williamtisdale


I must say this is a mind boggling omission. Why have an invalid condition that you cannot set using logic. I get it probably works when you try to enter text into a numeric (i.e. bog standard stuff) but that is very limited.

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