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[SOLVED] Conditional formatting not working

I have conditional formatting so that when a SKU has not previously been entered into a database a button is disabled and the text of the button changes to “That SKU can not be found.” Somehow people are still clicking the button and submitting the information (see database entry image below).

This is the database entry for the information without the SKU being entered:

Here is the conditional formatting that is on the buttons:

How can this be fixed? Also, I’m not sure if it matters, but the SKU’s are being entered into the text field by a barcode scanner.

You need to add another property to that conditional: “this button isn’t clickable”

Right now the text is changing, but it’s still able to trigger the action.


Sorry, I had that conditional formatting also I just forgot to include a screenshot. It doesn’t work even with that condition. I will include a screenshot as soon as I get to a computer.

I figured it out when I went to take the other screenshot! The “Check In” button had the “this button isn’t clickable”, but it was missing on the “Check Out” button!

Love the design of your Usercard site btw! Great job!


Great! Glad you got it. And thanks so much :slight_smile: