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Submit on Enter on multilineinput -- Input Watcher v1.3.0 by Eli

I didn’t find a thread where announces new features so – in my duty as @eli 's hype man – he just released a new version that allows you to have the multiline input behave like Slack’s input field*.

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*- it’s a polarizing feature, I hear.


love this @rico.trevisan and @eli.

Is there something I need to do so that it resets once I’ve submitted via enter?

I can’t seem to get the input to reset whatever I try!

@tim.hawke Just published a new version with an action to clear the input being watched. Just update your plugin to the newest release

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Thank you @eli - massively appreciated!

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Hi Rico,

Could you kindly consider adding these links to your plugin page.

I was lucky to find this post from a Google search. Has already given up on the plugin because I had no idea how to use it.

Great plugin by the way.

The links should also be

Hi @Eli , hitting enter quickly only grabs the value of the first letter (ignoring the rest of the input).

Is there a way to resolve this?

@Buddha Sorry, will need more context. Are you selecting the value from the input or from the input watcher plugin element?

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Hi Eli, from the input.

I’ll try from the input watcher element now and let you know. Thanks for responding.

Thanks man! That worked.

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Hey Eli,

From working like a dream the last few days keep seem to be getting this error - any ideas?



Could you share the workflow that is triggering this error?

(FYI: I helped Eli implement the reset feature.)

Cheers Rico…

It’s an intermittent problem - but can’t see a pattern yet as to when it does / doesn’t happen