Submit on Enter on multilineinput -- Input Watcher v1.3.0 by Eli

I didn’t find a thread where he announces new features so – in my duty as @eli 's hype man – he just released a new version that allows you to have the multiline input behave like Slack’s input field*.

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*- it’s a polarizing feature, I hear.


love this @rico.trevisan and @eli.

Is there something I need to do so that it resets once I’ve submitted via enter?

I can’t seem to get the input to reset whatever I try!

@tim.hawke Just published a new version with an action to clear the input being watched. Just update your plugin to the newest release

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Thank you @eli - massively appreciated!

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Hi Rico,

Could you kindly consider adding these links to your plugin page.

I was lucky to find this post from a Google search. Has already given up on the plugin because I had no idea how to use it.

Great plugin by the way.

The links should also be

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Hi @Eli , hitting enter quickly only grabs the value of the first letter (ignoring the rest of the input).

Is there a way to resolve this?

@Buddha Sorry, will need more context. Are you selecting the value from the input or from the input watcher plugin element?


Hi Eli, from the input.

I’ll try from the input watcher element now and let you know. Thanks for responding.

Thanks man! That worked.

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Hey Eli,

From working like a dream the last few days keep seem to be getting this error - any ideas?



Could you share the workflow that is triggering this error?

(FYI: I helped Eli implement the reset feature.)

Cheers Rico…

It’s an intermittent problem - but can’t see a pattern yet as to when it does / doesn’t happen

This plugin is awesome - thank you!! ! @eli

I am using this with the multi-line input element (the forum is full of threads begging for exactly this scenario! - so thankyou again). However I am encountering a small irregularity when building a chat interface.

When enter is pressed, the input is submitted and then cleared as expected. The only problem is that it does not turn the multiline input to its original state (i,e with a placeholder and the original single line). Instead, though the input is cleared, the cursor is now on the second line and we have lost the placeholder which creates an extra line on top of the message. Seems like this may be a vestige of the original multiline input functionality to add a line (and i dont think there is a way to disable it).

Not sure if anyone has encountered this and knows of a workaround?

I thought resetting the multiline input value would work. And whilst it works if you run the action step by step it oddly does not run properly otherwise

I have a private version of my own you can try if that doesn’t work out for you. It is a little more simplified, but is basically the same idea.

that would be awesome- whats the best way to do it?

DM your appid to me, i’ll send you a license

Just chiming in here for a big THANK YOU to whoever built this plugin. I could not for the life of me figure out how to replicate the Slack (and any other messaging system) functionality whereby a chat message can be submitted with a simple “enter” key press. This solved it very easily. Kudos!

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I looked for this for ages! Thank you so much!!

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Hey man, have you figured this out? I’ve just run into an identical problem with my multiline input and have no idea how to solve it. :sweat_smile: