Inputs are not responsive


I’m having an issue with inputs. When the user types in a value, the input resets to the initial content or placeholder. I cannot get it to hold the value that I enter.

Further clarification:
Input FlipValue has placeholder ‘Amount’ and no initial content. When I type a number into this input, it resets to ‘Amount’. The same happens with the input below it.

Do you have any workflow related to this input (Input value has changed) and that have reset input action in it?

I have this one workflow associated with it and it’s not firing when I put a value in the input.

I also use the search tool and verified nothing else is using it. I think this started happening after I referenced the input value for a group.

EDIT: I have confirmed my hunch: the problem ends when I clear the Data Source of Group Overlay Flip Add (shown here). Weird, no?

From Bubble manual:
Note: As mentioned, Groups can have data assigned to them (e.g. ‘this group should show data about user X’). When the data assigned to a group changes, the group will reset all the input fields within itself.

This is useful when the input fields are supposed to change depending on the group’s data. But, it can also cause confusion, for example, when a group’s data depends on an input that’s inside that group!

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