#reset all inputs plugin


Hi, I am writing here as I couldn’t leave a review or comment on the plugin page.

I needed to clear all input fields in my app so I installed your plugin, but when a reset button is hit, I get this error thrown.

Is there anything I didn’t do right or is it error?

Thanks for nice plugin.

To reset all input fields you can use a workflow action to reset the data of the group that contains the inputs you want to reset

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Sorry for late reply. Yes, but for some reason, there is sometimes an input left still remaining the input value.

Thanks for helping.

It is likely not contained by the group that you used the reset data on, or it has an initial value set on it.

Unfortunately not. Both are in the same group side by side and there is no initial value. But, one input is cleared while the other one remains filled. Really strange.

That would be worth reporting a bug to bubble support about then.

Do you mean Bubble’s native reset group or the plugin you started the thread about?