Integrating Help Scout API

Hey Bubblers,

Has anyone used the Help Scout API? I’m trying to use their API to create conversations, but I’m having some trouble getting it setup.

Any insight would be helpful :blush:

Their API documentation: Mailbox API 2.0 | Help Scout Developers

Hey @johnny,

I’m using it but not via API, but webhooks and Zapier.

What would be the use case?

Creating new conversations and getting happiness report

Oh, ok.

I did this with webhooks. I´ve not tried the API yet but if get into it I´ll let you know.

I’ve tried to ask Help Scout, but they weren’t able to help out much.

@J805, you’re my go-to any suggestions :wink:

Hi @johnny
What is your issue exactly?
I see nothing in this API doc that would cause issue with Bubble. You should be able to use API Connector and Backend WF for webhook

Authenticating with OAuth 2.0 authorization and using refresh tokens.

Are you using the Bubble Auth process or create your own manually?

I’m not sure what you mean

in Bubble API Connector, you can choose between oAuth2 user-agent flow or None/Self-handled.

Hmm… maybe I’ll test everything on Postman before putting it in my app

If you want
But basically, if you set in API Connector using Letting Bubble using their own oAuth2, you need to use three endpoint:

For authorize url

For token endpoint

For user endpoint

Field for user will be id and email