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Integration with OneSignal for Push notifications


It would be great to have push notifications on Buuble, as it seems like they´re not yet supported.

One idea is to integrate it with OneSignal (, one of the best services our there for this type os messaging. Have you thought about that?



I have created a request for OneSignal on FeatureSeed. It is currently waiting approval from Bubble (@emmanuel) , but hopefully we can get it crowdfunded once it’s approved.

Integration with OneSignal for push notifications

After some more detailed investigation, GoNative essentially integrates One Signal into our Bubble Webview mobile apps. In order to associate the Bubble user the device that is now registered with One Signal, we just need to create an API endpoint in bubble to store that device ID in the User Thing:

Whenever a user installs your app and launches it for the first time, it will register itself to receive push notifications and a device record will show up within your OneSignal dashboard. You’ll then be able to send push notifications to your users through OneSignal’s online dashbaord, or programmatically through their REST API…You may configure a “registration service” that will POST the user’s push token to an API endpoint on your server. The POST request will come from the user, so you’ll be able to identify which user the push token connects to.

We essentially just use the API Connector to fire out POSTs to One Signal, which then sends push notifications to the desired Bubble user via the API endpoint. We can store the push notifications in a repeating group for the User, if needed, and have a notification icon trigger a group to open, which will then display the repeating group containing the history of notifications for that User. Is this logic correct?

Any news on that?

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This is new plugin from @codurly . very good and easy to use


and here all details and tutorial how to implement

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