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Integrations tests : Selenium X Bubble?

Hey there,

As a web developper I love writing integration tests to ensure my code is still running properly after every commit / deploy.
I used to have docker + selenium and it looks like :

Here is my previous post about running tests on docker (
After moving to Bubble and my app grew bigger it become essential to write tests.
I could have write my own custom code to test my bubble app however
It would be great to be able to create an app that write tests against a bubble app so other people can test their code too !
However a few questions strikes me :

  • How do I connect a bubble app to selenium ?
  • How difficult would it be to have a visual preview of a running test ?
  • How could we have a user friendly interface to write tests ?
  • Before running a test suite we need to have a clean test database, how could we wipe it before the test ? Or have a separate environment such as version-something

I am pretty sure the bubble team have a test suite don’t they ? @emmanuel


It would be great to be able to integrate something like this but I have yet to find a way.

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+1 here

+1 up! :slightly_smiling_face:

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+1 on this

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I want this. +1

So, how did it go?

exploring some solution such as

but it failed to load my bubble page :!topic/screenster/Y0PaS9osenQ

will try again

+1 Would be great.

found a solution, have been testing it for the last 2 eeeks: it is promising :slight_smile:

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We use the selenium ide. Works perfectly. Trigger from selenium workflows and have the platform completely tested on usecases.

Here’s how we integrated qawolf, our testing stack for hackerhouse.
What do you think about it?

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Guys, I wouldn’t use Selenium. As a Tech Lead, we have written a lot of Selenium tests and they all broke and there was no time to fix them. So we threw them away.

I’m a big advocate of no-code tools. Bubble is amazing but there is no testing right now. So that’s why we use, another no-code tool, to test your web apps. On bubble, implementing a page takes 3-4 hours let’s say. You can create 3-4 tests in 5 mins on Preflight.

You can also chain tests one after another.

Here is a quick video to create a login test in 1 min: