Testing editor demos in the Bubble docs – we need your feedback

Hey everyone,

As part of revamping the Bubble documentation, we’re experimenting with including Bubble editor demos. This allows users to see firsthand how things are set up. The demo provides access to a live app where you can view examples and includes links to the editor page to understand the app’s actual setup.

We’re eager to get your feedback on this.

What to Keep in Mind
This is an experimental test with limited content. We are working on the premise that covering the basic features to allow new developers to quickly adopt the Bubble mindset should be the first priority. Accordingly, this first demo takes a closer look at container elements (groups, repeating groups, etc.).

The Feedback We’re Looking For

  • Does this add overall value to the Bubble documentation?
  • How well does the structure and content of the page cover its subject?
  • As a new developer, do you find this helpful?
  • As an experienced developer, what are your thoughts?

Accessing the Page
You can view the live page on containers here, which includes a link to the editor and relevant further reading in the docs.

All input is highly appreciated!


  • I think that would add great value.
  • The demo is quite nice.
  • However, one feedback I might have is about the editor link. Once it is clicked, a new user will not be able to find the demo they have just seen in the documentation.
  • Even an experienced user might need to spend some time in the editor to find the right part of the documentation.

In conclusion, the demo link should probably highlight/show/emphasize the part where the user wants to see maybe. Maybe hide the other parts of the editor and just show the corresponding part in the editor. I don’t know how easy this would be.

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Thanks for the input @hergin!

Yes, editor navigation is one of the trickier parts, I agree. We’re looking into simplifying the element tree, but some more explanations/screens may be necessary. We’ll have another a look at the editor to see how we can simplify it and direct people :raised_hands: