Using Integromat to automatically push new entries in a Google Sheet

Hi everyone !

I want to use Integromat to automatically push new entries of a Bubble table to a Google Spreadsheet.

However, I don’t succeed in setting up properly Integromat. I manage to set my Bubble connection and the Type Name of my data, but I can’t find the “Unique ID” of my data thing that is asked by Integromat (see picture).

Does someone know where I can find this info ?

Thanks a lot!

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@thomas.gounot Did you figure it out?

I am with the same issue.

With “get a data thing”, you’ll get 1 thing, not thingS. That’s why you have to set the unique ID of the value you want to get from the data type.

Is this what you want to do? Get one thing value?

Also, why don’t you directly write on your Google sheet using the API connector?