Popup causes page to reload on mobile only

I have this page here:
and the “0 bottles at Bay and King” is clickable which opens a popup, but just before the popup opens, you can see that it is loading something

You can also see the popup starting to appear there but also notice that the wine bottle has changed.

On desktop, this doesn’t happen and it functions as normal (no loading bar and the wine does not change). There is something on mobile that is causing that loading which is resetting something, causing the wine to change. I tried to see what was going on using debug mode but that doesn’t seem to work on mobile. Also, I made my screen size a lot smaller on my desktop to see if I could replicate the error but it still works as it should. Seems like the problem is mobile only.

A little bit of an update, I tested it out with making a custom state for the page and setting it equal to the searched value in the searchbox. I then created a text box with dynamic text equal to the value of the pages custom state. When I search for a wine, the textbox gets populated with the page’s custom state as expected, however when I click the text that opens the popup, the textbox with the custom state disappears. This implies that opening the popup resets all states. Lastly, I recreated this on a page with minimual functionality to make sure there wasn’t some other issue causing this error, but still get the same result. Again, this is only an issue on mobile, not on my desktop. I have tried in both chrome and safari.

Any help here would be awesome.