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Internal Links misdirecting

Beginner here…

I’m trying to make an internal nav menu to move between internal pages (web app, no responsive). I’ve got 3 pages set up: 1) Index =home/login; 2) Profile, 3) Projects

When I go to test, the first link will move me to page 2, but when I try to move back to page 1, it sends me to the index/home page (which is my login screen). If I am already on page 2 and click the page 2 link, instead of reloading it will just send me back to the home screen.

It’s set up as a pretty simple button + workflow (I also tried it with a link instead of a button and am having the same issue).

Hey @JGo :slight_smile: Welcome to the Forum! Can you share a link to the app editor? (If it’s set to private, you can change this to public temporarily by going to Settings --> Application Rights: Anyone can edit.)

Thanks, @fayewatson Does this work, or is there a different link I need to find?

test site:

Yes, that’s great thanks!

Everything looks great on the my_profile page. On the “my_projects” page, the “my_profile” and “my_projects” links are redirecting back to the index page (Destination Page):

If you change this to the my_profile and my_projects pages for each link, that will do it! :slight_smile:

Since that sidebar will be used on different pages, you can turn the group with the links into a reusable element. This way, you only have to edit it one time and the changes will appear wherever you place the reusable element.

Links are slightly faster to use, compared to page redirection through the workflow.

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I thought I’d fixed that, but clearly not… thanks for the help!!

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No problem at all! :slight_smile:

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