Internal links not crawled for Google SEO on Bubble

Hello everyone,

For several days I have been trying to find different solutions for my internal links to be crawled, for obvious SEO best practices, but so far:

  • Workflow → Not crawled
  • Links → Not crawled either (but links are visible on the inspector…)

So basically for SEO, bubble pages are just islands without bridges…

Any solution from anyone?

Thanks a lot,

It seems that neither Ahrefs, Google nor any other crawler tools find the links…only the inspector lol.
I don’t understand why Bubble doesn’t address this issue or at least communicate about it.
That’s such a big weakness for SEO…

What did you do on your app for this Links SEO issue?

Are you using the link element for your internal links? Or is this via the workflow actions - Go to Page.

The link elements should be picked up, but the workflow action is not. That’s just how Bubble is. I have several 1000’s of internal links all picked up on our food blog built on bubble.

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I recall it being mentioned in the monthly update, maybe a year ago, but it’s not something Bubble has been discussing much. There were some good discussions on the forum about SEO issues – best explanation I saw was that Google crawlers won’t always wait around for javascript-heavy pages like Bubble to load.

Some like @paritosh.mehta19 have been successful at SEO w/Bubble. Others split the public-facing side (when possible) to Wordpress or Webflow. In my own experience, I’ve found that Google picks up and ranks my Webflow site pages better than they did with Bubble.

I recently built a directory site that relies on SEO and Google to pick up all the listings, so I used Webflow because I wasn’t confident in Bubble’s SEO performance. Then came the new WU-based pricing, which would have knocked out Bubble anyway because I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that pricing structure in a free-to-use site.

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Yes absolutely, I’m using the link elements.
But so far, after several crawl of my pages by Google
→ Still 0 internal links detected on my Google Search Console

Hi !

  • Yes, you’re totally right about javascript, that’s what Bubble support told me. Still trying to push them with a solution, even a manual one, but it seems there is no solution…Pages on Bubble remain dead-ends…

  • About Webflow or wordpress, yes I’ve thought about that, even if the idea to handle 2 different softwares does not make me smile… Furthermore, the problem in my case is that I really need repeating groups on Public side… so I don’t know if there is a way to do that with webflow or another one using the Bubble backend…


But still does not detect the internal links right ?
When you go in your Google Search Console, do you have any internal links detected ?


No. Google can’t recognize actions, but it does recognize “link elements”. “İç bağlantılar” in the image means “internal links”. If you didn’t “mark as nofollow” it shouldn’t be a problem.

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hello @antoinevrhl ,
I hope this additional information can contribute some insight.

You see, in terms of Google, links are “identified” after a few days of application and when “clicked” by one or more different IPs (visitors). So it might just be a matter of more time for you to track this down.

But there is another relevant point. Google doesn’t “see” directories, it basically sees domains, subdomains and html/php, other files, etc.

Another important issue to think about is a crawled page only being accessible if the visitor is logged in. If this is related to your scenario, have you thought about it? It will avoid possible perception of “error” (mistakenly) by the end point user.

So maybe…your point could cover more matters


I did not mark them as “no-follow”
but for me, it is not detected after 2 or 3 crawls by Google on every pages (since 2 weeks)

So still 0 internal links detected (unlike you)…
How long did it take for you ? to have internal links detected in Google Search Console ? Do you remember?



Thanks for this insight,

For the visitor/ips, it’s interesting, let’s see with time, it’s been only 2 weeks on my case I put links, so let’s wait a bit (I have around 200 visitors / day).

For the second point, in my case, all pages are accessible (Log in or Log out)

Thanks !

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Sorry, I have no idea how long after it was found. I checked in another project, it’s ok too. If you can see the relevant links in the page HTML, Google will see it too. If not, your pages are open to bots and everything else is correct; You may need to create a bug report.

OK thanks,

At least I know it possible to have internal links detected on Bubble by Google.
I thought at some point it was impossible.

So it’s possible, let’s see maybe with a little bit more time,


I see that it’s only a couple of weeks since you have published this. My current guess is give it some more time and if your settings are right, it should be picked up eventually. As rightly said, because bubble is Javascript heavy, it takes longer than a typical Webflow / Wordpress sites for it to be indexed.

My site is now almost 8 years old on bubble - so that is an additional factor for it to be successfully indexed and ranked for keywords.

Webflow has a database and user login, but the functionality is much more limited compared to Bubble. (That said, Webflow’s visual design capabilities are way more advanced than Bubble).

Here’s a non-technical explanation of one of the major differences between the platforms. With Bubble, the pages are dynamic in that they are communicating with the database to call data, update data, write data, etc. Webflow pages are static in that the pages are loaded as simple, lightweight html with all the data in place.

This makes Webflow pages load crazy fast and crawlers can easily read them. But on the flipside, the pages don’t have Bubble’s range of functionality with data and workflows.

Let’s see.

Will keep you updated!


Let’s see, what 'im gonna do is :slight_smile:
1 - wait a bit to see if internal links are finally detected, if in 1 month nothing has changed,
2- then maybe I will make my main page with webflow, so Google can crawl a least the main page and its links.

Let’s see !

Hello guys,

Just to update the case, so future visitors can know :
Google just indexed my internal links on the Google Search Console.

It took around 2-3 weeks after I put them on my Bubble app.
Thank you and have a nice day!

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Google seems to find ours OK, though I have seen that it doesn’t index every page for some reason, despite all content being unique. We have ~6K internal SEO links (a directory) and it only shows ~1450 in Search Console. I always use link elements for SEO internal links, btw.