SEO for bubble / internal links

Hello everyone, I have the next question. I have created a marketplace with several pages, which can be navigated via a link.

A check with the screaming frog showed that this software does not see the internal links. At the same time, I began to notice that the pages gradually began to fall out of the google index.

Does anyone already have experience seo promoting projects that were created on bubble?

Having the same issue here @Bubble could you please help.

We’ve audited our site with Ahrefs and MOZ and both of them are not able to see the internal links neither external links we’ve built (our website is simple and has few pages (resource, prices, … and login to the web application).

Thanks in advance for your help.

PS: Not sure how relevant this is but in MOZ only 1 page was crawled (index) and in Ahrefs the health score is very low.

Hello, if you’re seeing an issue with SEO in your app and haven’t already done so, please file a bug report with step-by-step instructions we can use to reproduce this in your app. We’ll be able to investigate further and clarify the issue or escalate the issue to our engineering team if necessary. Thanks!