Intersect two multi-item fields

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Once again, might be trying to accomplish something that’s not technically possible, but wondering if there’s a way in a search to return all items where there’s an intersection between their multi-item fields. I mapped out an example to demonstrate: If a customer and shirt ‘Things’ both reference multiple values from the ‘Thing’ Colors ,I would like to show every shirt that has a color that’s also in the Customer’s favorite color (would also use this for more basic searching, with a multi-select dropdown, e.g.).


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Standardize naming
Use this texts to filter

The trick is to use an advanced filter which I also didn’t know too much about until your question :slight_smile: Then you intersect the current customer’s favorite color from repeating group with this shirt’s available color from the filter and get the ones with count greater than 0.

The inner repeating group will have this filter:

And here is the output:

Amazing, thank you so much!!

ALL the bonus points for using my same silly example :grinning: