Intranet software with

Can i create a database intranet software with and if yes how do i connect the software to the server, so anyone within the network can access it? Can anyone help answer

Bubble is not on premise. I don’t know @emmanuel would be open to offer such option.


Unfortunately, not at this point. This has been the biggest reason my enterprise customers won’t accept Bubble as an option, they want the ability to run and manage it on their own servers, whether it’s their own AWS instance or their on-prem environment.

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thanks a million, pls how do i link a button(about us) to a long text on do you knw how? i am kinda new. so when it is clicked the about us text will show

Have you walked through the interactive tutorials yet? They’re the place to start for beginners, a lot of useful information there.

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tnks bro…i appreciate